Great Brazilian Album

A while ago, while trying to convince a student that she does not have bad tone (because some “expert” during honor bands said she does), I came across this website. It is a great resource for hearing what Oboists sound like. Anyhow, I got interested in the “Azevedo arr., rec. 1999” that Alex Klein did. Yes, THAT Alex Klein.

Anyhow, the album it is off of is Brazilian Rhapsody by Daniel Barenboim and the song is actually called “Pedacinhos Do Ceu”. The album is partially available on iTunes, but the fore mentioned song is NOT. Anyhow, it is a great album, and I totally love the oboe playing on it. Excellent. Plus, you can get it for like 5 bucks used.

Allan Reeds vs. Good Tone Guild Reeds

For a while, I’ve been using Allan Oboe reeds. Good, cheap Oboe reeds for those of us who don’t have the time and/or patience (and maybe skill) to make our own. Though, I kind of wanted more tone out of them. So, in the search for a better reed, I tried some of the fabled Good Tone Guild reeds. They cost nearly double what the Allan reeds are, but they seem to have more “body” to the tone. Plus, the pitch seems a little more stable on my Oboe.

So, you might want to get some Allan and GTG’s and compare.

Make Or Buy Reeds?

Making reeds is something Oboe players are supposed to do. I suck at it. It is really time consuming, and with all the other activities I do, I just don’t have the time and patience to do it. I’ve been buying Allan Reeds for a while now. Cheap and play well I think. I am going to try some of those Good Tone reeds soon.

I did find this site, Oboe Reed Review. Interesting. They have polls and what not there. Don’t seem to have Allan Reeds though…..

So, is the age old thing about a real oboist still true? Are they required to make their own reeds? And, is there some sort of way special “jazz” reed for oboe?

Welcome To Jazz-Oboe

I’ve wanted to start this for a while, and finally have. Jazz-Oboe. The rare, mysterious, perhaps even taboo subject of playing Jazz on Oboe. Yes, we will jump into oboe related items other than jazz, but mainly it is all about Jazz and Oboe. Enjoy