Make Or Buy Reeds?

Making reeds is something Oboe players are supposed to do. I suck at it. It is really time consuming, and with all the other activities I do, I just don’t have the time and patience to do it. I’ve been buying Allan Reeds for a while now. Cheap and play well I think. I am going to try some of those Good Tone reeds soon.

I did find this site, Oboe Reed Review. Interesting. They have polls and what not there. Don’t seem to have Allan Reeds though…..

So, is the age old thing about a real oboist still true? Are they required to make their own reeds? And, is there some sort of way special “jazz” reed for oboe?

One thought on “Make Or Buy Reeds?”

  1. wow, thank you!! (not) making reeds (and sucking at it badly) is the no. 1 reason i don’t play very often any more!

    will check out reeds to buy. if it works i will be very happy.

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