June 22, 2024

Making reeds is something Oboe players are supposed to do. I suck at it. It is really time consuming, and with all the other activities I do, I just don’t have the time and patience to do it. I’ve been buying Allan Reeds for a while now. Cheap and play well I think. I am going to try some of those Good Tone reeds soon.

I did find this site, Oboe Reed Review. Interesting. They have polls and what not there. Don’t seem to have Allan Reeds though…..

So, is the age old thing about a real oboist still true? Are they required to make their own reeds? And, is there some sort of way special “jazz” reed for oboe?

1 thought on “Make Or Buy Reeds?

  1. wow, thank you!! (not) making reeds (and sucking at it badly) is the no. 1 reason i don’t play very often any more!

    will check out reeds to buy. if it works i will be very happy.

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