July 18, 2024

I’ve wanted to start this for a while, and finally have. Jazz-Oboe. The rare, mysterious, perhaps even taboo subject of playing Jazz on Oboe. Yes, we will jump into oboe related items other than jazz, but mainly it is all about Jazz and Oboe. Enjoy

3 thoughts on “Welcome To Jazz-Oboe

  1. Hey! How about popping along to see The Band of Oboes – probably the world’s first jazz oboe ensemble. Good to see that quite a few others are exploring this area to fantastic effect…. you gotta be musical to play the oboe anyway and so most of us could probably do the jazz thing if only we can tear ourselves away from Bach and Telemann! Check out http://www.myspace.com\bandofoboes.

  2. OK,ok, so I’m a pianist really, but would ditch that tomorrow if I could just blow all the time. Discovered jazz on the oboe 2 years ago; WLT to get my own arrangements published & performed but the world of copyright has a stranglehold on anyone who isn’t an established arranger already. (And how do you get to be an established arranger? By having copyright permissions. Sigh…) Still, love playing swing and Latin american on oboe, & have an especial affinity for Bossa Nova. Dream of having a small jazz quartet, a la Quintet of the Hot Club of France. Know audiences like my stuff, and know it works. Somebody out there must know how to get started. (Bunny Berrigan could probably relate to that one).

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