June 22, 2024

Sadly, there is like NOTHING out there for Jazz Oboe. So, I took on a task of transposing and rearranging Bill Holcombe’s Jazz Flute Concerto to work for Oboe. Seems to work out fairly well. The only thing that sorta sucks is that I only have a TAPE of the backgrounds and the piece. When I transfered it to digital, I guess the tape player was slower and caused the whole recording to be about 9 cents flat. So, a little bump in the Amazing Slowdowner fixed that.
But still, it’s TAPE. It’s all stuffy sounding. I searched Fluteworld.com for a CD version of the Concerto, but they seem not to have it anymore (any version).
Bill Holcombe is an amazing guy. He is like a billion years old, and plays the snot out of flute, clarinet and saxophone. Dunno about Oboe, but he probably could hang on that too.

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